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Company Profile

    Levanon Hanoch Ltd. is Israel's leading specialist in state-of-the-art optical inspection systems and clean-room assemblies.  It is the only company in Israel with leading-edge equipment such as robot-mounted industrial optical 3D scanners.


    The company was founded in 1978 by Ruth and Hanoch Levanon and over the years has developed into one of Israel's leading milling and turning factories. The company focuses on precision milling of the most complex aluminum parts and produces mechanical parts, optical elements and supplies full turnkey opto-mechanical assemblies. Levanon Hanoch has a 4,000 sq.m., state-of-the-art plant with over 100 highly skilled employees.

Precision Machining

Latest News

Purchasing a GOM third optical measurement scanner. This unique new measurement system include robot, rotating table and image processing computer.


Purchasing of a second diamond turning machine. This new sophisticated  machine include 5 axis, gives accuracy of 0.15 micron.


Designed of cleanroom for the optic production area. The new cleanroom will be equipped with all necessary equipment, include separate air condition with stabilized temperature and clean compressed air pressure.


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