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Precision Machining

    Levanon Hanoch is equipped with 27 CNC machining centers, including 3,4 & 5-axes milling machines, 20 CAD/CAM systems, and multitasking mill-turn machines. Such a large number and variety of machining centers allow the company to produce the highest quality products from different materials, shapes and sizes (from 0.5mm up to 3000mm) with 1 micron accuracy.


    High-tech tool measuring laser systems, regular machine-health checks and on-machine 3D part probing and verification allow the company to achieve best part quality and minimize scrap, which significantly reduces the lead time and costs.


    Thanks to the high precision equipment, the use of advanced technologies and also highly qualified personnel, the company holds leading positions in the Israeli market to supply products for the high-tech, aviation and space industries.

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